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Translation refers to the process of actually converting the written word of a source language into the written word of a target language. Translation is a crucial component of localization.

Translation is not a simple conversion from one language into another. It is highly important to understand the source text in the subject field in order to translate it properly into target languages. A good translation maintains the elegance and impact of the Words. In translation, we strive to retain the nuances and implied meaning when your product enters the international market.


We understand the importance of translation to your global initiative. To ensure your message comes across clearly, we carefully select experienced translators and proofreaders. MARVELLOR translators and proofreaders have proven expertise in numerous fields and use all modern translation and quality assurance technologies.

MARVELLOR are specialists for translation and localization solutions in following industries:

To ensure a good translation, it is crucial that the people working on your texts really know the subject, product and/or line of business. We are very mindful of this and always assemble a team of professionals equipped with the knowledge required to take proper care of your project.

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