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Linguistically and stylistically perfect translations are our highest priority. Translation can be a very subjective matter, with questions of quality often difficult to address. That's why MARVELLOR has adhered to our principles of quality assurance for each project, big or small.

As a professional translation services provider, MARVELLOR operates on a project management basis. And we believe we do project management better than anyone in the business. We are looking to develop partnering relationships with clients who are willing to place their complete trust in our ability to deliver business building results and advancement in every country and every language you want to do business in.

Translation Quality Control


MARVELLOR has grown purely and simply on the strength of our quality control. We've leveraged that quality control experience into our multiple language localization services by taking into account everything making our services better. Unlike many of our larger global competitors, our quality control standards are consistently applied across any new project - big or small. We do not accept anything less than perfection from our hardworking linguistic teams that put out thousands of words a month. Your first taste of our commitment to quality will become immediately apparent to you when we meet face to face for the first time.

Translation NotesNOTE FOR CLIENTS

To ensure that we handle your orders promptly, efficiently and accurately, any supporting information (such as details about your company, your area of business or the products described) is extremely important. This information helps our translators when preparing their work and gives them a better feel for what is appropriate in the text in terms of its style and content.

If you have already developed specific company terminology, then please send it to us with your documents for translations. Any type of reference material (e.g. glossaries or even previous translations in a similar area) helps us to fine-tune our translation to linguistic perfection for your company.


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