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Technology is not the enemy

Technologies are like cars. In the wrong hands, they can do damage. In the right hands they are a safe, reliable way of getting from A to B. At MARVELLOR we use cutting-edge translation technology to minimize costs and maximize quality because we have the people who know how to drive them.

As an independent language services provider, we're not tied to any single proprietary technology. Different tools have different strengths, so we use the software that's right for your particular requirements.

Translation Tools

Translation memory tools

A translation memory is a database containing source language sentences and translated versions of the sentences. The sentences, known as segments, are retrieved from completed and approved translation tasks and added to the translation memory at the end of a project.

All previous translations are accumulated within the translation memory (in source and target languages pairs called translation units) and reused so that you never have to translate the same sentence twice. The more you build up your translation memory, the faster you can translate subsequent translations, enabling you to take on more projects and increase your revenue.

These translation memories are invaluable, as they allow for terminological consistency within a particular project, as well as across other projects produced for the same client.

What are the benefits of using a translation memory?

Quicker turnaround times
The translators' ability to recycle past translations speeds up the work, especially where consistency between document versions is essential. Less time spent referring to older versions means less total time spent on jobs, thus reducing costs. Of course, the amount of translation time saved depends greatly on the nature of the document and the richness of existing memories.

Better quality and consistency
TMs improve the quality of a translation in two ways: by ensuring consistency and by preventing instances of missed text. Translations done using TMs are far more consistent thanks to features like automated glossary lookup. Without these, the translator is almost guaranteed to miss some terms if the list is longer than a few hundred items.
Furthermore, a common problem for translations is missed text. It is unfortunately quite easy to skip over a sentence or even an entire passage. TMs help prevent dropped text by presenting the translator with one segment of text at a time. This helps prevent the translator inadvertently skipping over text.

Reduced cost
Translation Memory software saves you money. The thinking is simple: when a previously translated segment shows up in the SDLX/Trados’ analysis of a text, all the translator has to do is determine whether the suggested translation is appropriate for the context. Given this, the cost of a 100% match of any segment is reduced.

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