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MARVELLOR is a professional translation and localization services provider located in Wuhan, China. With a team of professionals with exclusive knowledge and extensive experience, MARVELLOR is devoted to translation, localization, desktop publishing, technical writing, creative design, and printing services, enabling the customers to communicate their message to the world by offering top quality, mature and cost-competitive solutions.

MARVELLOR was born out of a passion to provide clear communication between people of different languages and cultural origins. We entered translation industry as one of many translation teams in China, and grew up as one-language pair translation service provider. Through years of process refinement and experience of project management, we have stood out as a multi-language vendor for a number of international corporations.

Professional translation services in MVL

MARVELLOR is now ready to provide high quality translation service to top businesses on the international market.

By choosing us, you can experience unique services based on extensive professional knowledge and experience acquired through long-term existence in the industry, proficiency in translation of an array of languages, and solutions customized for optimum results.

Ever since its establishment, customer satisfaction has always been central to MARVELLOR's philosophy. We strongly believes that the true measure of our success not only lies in our financial performance, but also the number of enduring mutual successes that we cultivate along the way with our clients and partners.

Despite our dramatic growth, we have not forgotten what got us here. Fast project turnaround, attention to detail, optimizing the use of budget saving high technology tools to deliver translation services above and beyond client expectations.

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