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Making efforts to improve customer experience and shaping strong brand-loyalty is a permanent challenge in the highly competitive IT and software markets. While product differentiation is increasingly more difficult to achieve, the essence to customer loyalty is to grow value and personalization with the best possible customer interactions in their native languages.

The rapid growth of localization sector during the past decade is mainly thanks to the development of the IT industry. It is the IT and software engineering markets that have truly globalized the world economy by allowing people worldwide to share information transcending national borders and cultures. Yet this process can be enormously complex and costly to manage.

It relates to separate and distinct workflows for the translation and adaptation of user interface, help files, websites, and technical documentation. However, these separate processes must be coordinated and leveraged in order to ensure maximum cost savings, streamlined market delivery and superior product consistency.

MARVELLOR can help you in your globalization efforts by adapting your products and software applications into your target languages. Our process and QA system ensure that the final product will be functionally, linguistically, and culturally flawless. We use best-practice technologies to facilitate, and whenever possible, automate each step of the localization process with our project management system. From the initial identification and extraction of localizable elements, to the re-engineering and final testing of all the language versions we do, quality concepts are built into every stage of our process and deeply rooted in the minds of every team member.

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