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No matter what your company's translation requirements may be, we know how to adapt our services to best suit your needs. In fact, every project requires a fine-tuning of the process to achieve desired results. Here it is in its simpliest form.

Once you're onboard with MARVELLOR, we will immediately assign you a Project Manager (PM). This person is your main point of contact, and the one who coordinates all phases of your projects. Their primary responsibility is to complete your translations on time and on budget using the following process.

Project Management

Project Initiation
Once the source document is received from the client, the PM validates receipt of all materials and files, and verifies the necessary administrative details, e.g. timetable, means of delivery, software application and billing information.

Document Analysis
After receipt and validation, the PM quickly evaluates the type of document it is, as well as its level of difficulty. This step also yields the official word count for the project.

After confirming the purpose of the document, as well as the format and the style expected by the client, the PM sets up a detailed resource load and schedule, and designates translator(s)and editor, and clearly communicates the client's requirements to them.

One or more translators undertake translations. PMs are in contact with them throughout the translation process, in order to resolve any issues before they affect deadlines or cost.

Editing and Proofing
An editor with specific industry expertise reviews the translation. He or she is responsible for content and terminological consistency. Any changes are discussed with the translators and are then integrated into the document.

Desktop Publishing and Formatting
Any particular formatting requirements are tended to here. The document is proofread for content and technical issues and final changes are entered. Follows an overall quality assurance check, after which the Translation Memory is updated with the newest document content.

Delivery and Feedback
Projects are delivered to the client in electronic format. Once the client reviews the translation, any changes they suggest are discussed, and reconfirmed before being integrated. A second QA check is performed and the document is delivered in its final form.


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